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Winter Peacestock Musicians

Samara Jade

Music21 Samara.jpg

A modern folk troubadour, Samara is dedicated to the art of listening deeply and crafting soul-centered songs that are medicine for the moment.  Inspired greatly by the wild wisdom of nature and the landscape of the human psyche, her songs ride the crest of the unknown and balance between shadows and light.

Coming from a musical background as diverse as classical, jazz, folk, broadway musical and progressive rock, Samara stitches together a unique tapestry of sounds with a quality of musicianship distinctly her own.  As heart-opening as they are intellect-stimulating, A fan once coined the term "Philosopholk” to describe Samara’s heart-opening and intellect-stimulating tunes, and no one has ever described it better in a one-word nutshell.  

Samara dwells in her van, Vincent VanGo, and is committed to sharing her song-babies around like thousands of spiraling maple helicopter seeds - which is, not so coincidentally, what a samara is.


The song I'll be sharing is called "Building a Bridge," which if folks wanna hear the recorded version after the fact it is here:

new album:


Elliot Roche

Elliott Roche: somehow; starting on open mics quickly turned into playing 2 gigs a day at bars amd resorts in Mexico at the age where I probably should have been in college. Got back to mpls a few years later and started playing in bands and solo gigs around the twin cities and Midwest. Pretty much been doing that ever since, sometimes as a full time job, sometimes part time. Recent projects: guitarist for the group "Moise", singer/songwriter/guitarist for the band "door 35"  

YouTube links:

Contact info is:


Emily Yates

Emily Yates stumbled into songwriting after spending the first part of her adult life as an Army public affairs minion, writing heartwarming news stories about the Iraq War to help build fellow soldiers’ morale. After getting out of the military she learned to play the ukulele and merged her dual passions for writing and music. In 2012 she recorded her first album, I’ve Got Your Folk Songs Right Here, a fun romp through a full spectrum of ideas ranging from human decency to sexual expression to foreign policy. She released her second album, Folk In Your Face, in 2014, and spent the next few years traveling all over the country spreading joy and disillusionment with her songs and stories. In 2018 and 2019 she wrote, produced, and performed in Boob Dylan, a show featuring all women performing original parodies of Bob Dylan songs. Projects currently in the works include a new album, a book about her time in the military and a podcast.

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